Japan Window is the product of living in Japan with family for a decade and trying to figure out what's going on here. Two of my children were born just outside of Tokyo, and you can read about it here. This was an award winning photoblog in its time. Now it's a repository of pictures, information, and insights that I hope you'll use and enjoy.

Best Lessons and Tips

Climbing Mount Fuji in August, My Story and Tips

I’ve climbed Mount Fuji four times using three different routes, and I look forward to climbing again with my daughters. It may not be the most beautiful trail, and it’s anything but solitude with nature, but the view can be incredible and what an experience to be on the summit waiting for sunrise with thousands of others. Most […]

Learning Japanese for Real Communication and Conversation

I’ve been learning Japanese for years, and I know what works for me and what doesn’t. I want to learn how to communicate and have real conversations in daily life. But most teachers, especially in Japan, take a textbook centered approach from the start, centered on proper grammar and reading.  In my case, if I’m not […]

Get a Driver’s License in Japan, How to Pass the Driving Test

Getting your Japanese driver’s license can be intimidating, especially when you hear stories about people failing their driving tests multiple times. Here are some tips to help you pass your test the first time. My purpose is to provide practical information based on my own experience. I have a current US driver’s license, so I was […]

Giving Birth, Having a Baby in Japan

What do you imagine when you think about childbirth in Japan?  Many of our impressions were wrong. For some reason, I thought that Japanese doctors would combine modern medical care with a more natural approach. We had much to learn, and I wrote this to share some of those lessons. We moved to Japan in […]

Tips for Heating a Cold Japanese House, Make a Warm Home

Why are Japanese houses so cold in the Winter? And how do you stay warm in one? Old Japanese houses are not insulated. The opposite, in fact. In the old days, they were heated by small fires inside with vents in the ceiling to let out the smoke. Decades ago people transitioned to kerosene heaters, and those are still widely in […]


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