Bus in Greenery

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Bus in Greenery

I took this shot at Sai Ko (lake) last weekend. There was a row of seemingly abandoned buses near our campsite lined up pointing toward the lake. Why?? I asked one man, and he thought they’d been placed there for shelter in case of strong rain. Another person told me that “classic buses” have been intentionally deposited all around the lake — as an artistic statement by some Japanese Cristo.

This evening Hitomi told me a story about Reia. Reia is tough, in her own way, but overall she’s a gentle personality. She has to learn how to handle people who are naturally more aggressive. One of the girls in her class is that way. Hitomi asked Reia what she does when “Hanako” is over-bearing. Reia said that the other day “Hanako” was pushing her around, so Reia told her:

“Nakama deshou! Yowai kedo.” That means, “We’re both ‘in together/on the same team’ (friends) okay! But I’m weak.”

The first part is right on. Then Reia intended to say, “But I’m a more gentle/soft type than you.” Unfortunately, “yowai kedo” simply means, “But I’m weak.”

It probably just went over the other girl’s head anyway. Putting aside whether the second part of her response was wise (correctly stated or not), we both gave her an “A” for effort and appreciate her level of self-awareness.

“Nakama deshou!” We’re on the same side (friends/insiders), okay!

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