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I really like how the tracks and dark tunnel work in this one. He’s moving in the same direction as the rails and then several lines seem to turn toward the darkness (which is countered by the apparently refreshing lightness of the beer, a bit too light though…).

Ever heard of Coopers?

Today my wife and I stopped by a nearby preschool to ask about renting their building for a few hours two days a week. We want to do some different things involving English mainly. The teacher was friendly, but she began to offer excuses. The big one was that the neighbors might not like it. Apparently, the neighbors in that area are very finicky. Several of them have put up signs all around the property saying how much they despise the owner (not the preschool, but the owner who runs a NPO riding stable in the same place).

The preschool has been around for two years, and things are still touch-and-go getting along with the locals. Anyway, when people offer excuses that’s a bad sign if you’re hoping for a “yes.” But it seemed to me like she wanted to say “yes” if she could. (There’s an NPO board for the school that would have to decide anyway.) So now we’re faced with the question whether to give up on that idea or keep trying. I’ll spend a couple days really thinking it through more and then decide whether to submit a carefully worded proposal.

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