Connection, Gap

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Connection, Gap

This is another image I’ll include in the exhibition. Looking at this photo helped me to further understand the theme I’ll work with. All the photos will demonstrate both connection and the unclosing gaps between people and others (or, in come cases, within themselves). In this case, the younger man is holding a camera — perhaps to photograph the older man — and they share a common affinity for their gadgets. But they stand on opposite sides of the photo with a gap between them that includes physical distance, age, and technology (though the younger man’s Polaroid adds a nice retro touch to match the wind up plane).

Voting for the Photobloggies has ended. I noticed two of the Japanese photoblogs nominated last year haven’t been updated for a long, long time. Strangely, both are by the same photographer, who has won the award for Japan the past two years. He’s a great photographer, but it’d be nice to see a more active photoblog win this time. [Here’s the one]( I nominated.

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