Contact, One

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Contact, One

I saw this couple in Shibuya at the same place where I took the previous photo. I took a series of three shots (this is the first), and I was amazed that the girl never wavered in her attentive expression or eye contact.

I stopped by a local art university this afternoon. They are preparing to have their “bunkasai” (an open house for the whole community). During September universities in Japan have these events, and they’re worth attending. My impression (biased, of course) is that art students put on the best “bunkasai.” Today they were basically having a dress rehearsal. Students served food out of booths, art was on display everywhere, and rock bands played in several locations. I’ve heard student rock bands at other universities, and (once again) count on art students to get it right.

Today I carried my camera around but took very few photos. It was a time to relate, not take photos, and besides the light was all wrong. I hope to take some photos tomorrow, though, when we go back with the kids. 🙂

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