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Maika poses in sunglasses.

Again, nominations for the [2007 Photobloggies](http://2007.photobloggies.org/) are open. Please drop by and nominate your favorite photo blogs. There are many categories, but you can vote in as many or few categories as you like.

I was informed by my web host today that I’m exceeding my allowed CPU usage. They say I have to lower CPU usage or pay for a business level hosting plan (about 8 times what I’m paying now). I’m not going to pay more. Hopefully I can tweak some things and get back inside the limit. It may be caused by a technical glitch behind the scenes. I hope so. I’m getting close to 3000 visits per day recently, but a whole lot of them come through Google image search (not real blog readers). It’s great to have people coming and enjoying the photos, but at some point the blog may become to popular for me to afford in it’s current form.

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