Earnest But Rejected

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Earnest But Rejected

This guy was trying to pass out flyers near Hachioji Station this evening. I have to confess, I love this shot: the lighting, the composition, and the content. Hope you agree.

Last night, by the way, Reia (our six year old) went on a campout with her preschool classmates. This is an annual tradition: the teachers take the older kids out for a night alone. During the day they caught dragon flies and played in a river. For dinner they made curry, with the kids helping to cut potatos and carrots. Then they lit fireworks and finally went to bed. But that’s when the drama started. At about 4am we had a violent rain storm. I slept through it, but my wife woke up and lay awake wondering how Reia was doing. Two of the kids never woke up, but three of them (including Reia) cried and cried. Apparently, the whole tent was shaking and Reia said she could see everyone’s faces every time lightening struck. The teachers took turns sitting in the kids’ tent (they were all in a big tent by themselves), and Reia didn’t sleep much after that.

I asked her later if she was afraid the tent would collapse. “No,” she said. Was she afraid of getting wet. “No.” What was she afraid of then? “That I would die,” she replied. Reia has always been a deep thinker.

During dinner she added that she was afraid the teachers would die and there would be noone to take her home.

Personally, I’m all for a bit of trauma here and there, as long as some older person is nearby to give comfort (she said the teacher was smiling and encouraging when he came to their tent though perhaps a bit haggard). Otherwise we’d all grow up two dimensional. She’ll go camping again and again (with us next time) and gradually sort out what is and isn’t life threatening…

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