Fall Leaves

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Fall Leaves

What a great day! This morning I took Reia to the nearby hills to watch the older kids (from the outdoors school) have their annual mountain bike “race.” It was great weather and walking through the forest was pretty amazing — so here’s a shot looking straight down. 🙂

In the afternoon we went to a birthday party for the child of a new friend. This friend is from Ecuador. We arrived to find two others from Ecuador and Mexico plus several Japanese who have lived abroad (most of them spoke decent Spanish). I really liked them all and spent the time alternating between Japanese, English and Spanish. My Spanish is pretty weak (it used to be strong and *could* come back). Actually it was very cool speaking Japanese with Ecuadorans. When language works it’s a wonderful thing.

After eating they put on the salsa music and the dancing starting. We only had a small space (and very mixed talent), but we made up for that in fun. The kids sort of joined in, too. It reminded me of times in Mexico (and Los Angeles) and stood in contrast to any experience we’ve had so far in Japan. That salsa party on the horizon just got much clearer and more inviting.

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