Hachiko Crossing in Shibuya at Night

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Hachiko Crossing in Shibuya at Night

[See the World at GlobalCompassion.com](http://www.japanwindow.com)

GlobalCompassion.com is a gallery of photography that “reveals life in people and cultures around the world.” One photographer is featured each week with 9 to 12 selected photos.

The gallery launched with a set of photos of Japanese people by [Masaru Goto](http://www.japanwindow.com/2008/05/19/masaru-goto/), an award winning Japanese photographer. He has done amazing work photographing people dying of AIDS and survivors of violence in Thailand. In these photos he opens up a side of Japan that few people ever see.

If you appreciate insightful photos of people and culture, then I think the gallery at GlobalCompassion.com will keep you coming back week after week.

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