Hill, Sky, and Moon

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Hill, Sky, and Moon

I took this at *Fujino Geijutsu Ie* (see yesterday’s post for background). The hilltops in Japan are fascinating. Big rolling mounds covered with dense, wild growths of trees. In the USA forests are seen as places to hike through and enjoy, even small ones, but in Japan there are many forests that nobody ever enters except for a few suicidal hikers. I mean that literally. I heard about one forest that is a famous places to get lost and never come out of. People wander in there to die.

On the other hand, the forested hills that surround our town have a happier image. There’s supposedly a hiking trail that follows the crest in an arc for miles. Somebody recently told me that the trail is overgrown and lost, but I sort of doubt it. I hope not.

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