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New Beginnings at Photosensibility.com

New Beginnings at Photosensibility.com 2007-04-06

From now on I will be posting images at www.photosensibility.com/photoblog/.

Please note the exact URL above. I am going to make Photosensibility.com a landing page with a gallery of my best shots.

I have been posting photos and text at Japan Window since February, 2004 (since May 2005 in this format). It occurred to me about a week ago that it's time for a change. First, I want to broaden my content and start posting photos taken outside Japan. It's looks like I'll be traveling more and more to Southeast Asia, and I want to post those photos without feeling like it's a diversion. I also realized that I started Japan Window in part to verbalize my process of understanding and adapting to life in Japan. As of last month, I've lived here for five years. I have a lot to learn and still have insights and surprising moments, but my focus is on other things. I want to follow my real interests and passions and need to get out of this mold to do that.

I want to say thanks to all the people who have followed this blog and commented (or silently watched and read) over the years. I hope I've passed something worthwhile on to you. I'll make no promises, but hopefully I'll continue doing that on the new site.

For those interested, this site has averaged over 2500 visits a day for the past three months (almost 80,000 visits per month in that time). It's still growing. Many of the visitors come from Google searches (the blog does amazingly well there), so it's hard to really know how many regular readers there are. It may seem like a strange time to stop, but these statistics don't help me take better photos. I suppose if the numbers led to income I might respect them more, but there is no money in this. Any deep pocketed sponsors reading this are welcome to contact me and change that. Regardless, I'll keep taking photos at the new location with no regrets, hopefully.

Just to be clear, Japan Window (the archives, gallery, etc) won't go away; at least not for a long time.

That's it for now. I'll respond to your comments. I'd love to get your feedback on the new site: design, photos, etc. You'll learn more about the changes there over time (as I will).

Don't forget to update your bookmarks, RSS readers, etc...


Visit my current photo blog at www.photosensibility.com for photos and stories from Cambodia

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