Japanese Interior

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Japanese Interior

Awhile back I posted some photos of the interior of a friend’s old Japanese house. I mentioned waking up and seeing the ceiling beside me. I was looking straight into a large mirror leaned against the wall. Anyway, this is what I saw.

I’m not a big fan of old Japanese houses. They’re really, really cold. But waking up in a room with light pouring in through an entire wall of rice paper sliding doors — that’s nice.

Until you get out of bed and pull on ice cold blue jeans, and your camera battery uses up 3/4 of it’s energy just turning on. But even then it was nice, for one morning. My friend has an espresso machine and makes a great latte. That helped. The latte plus the kerosene heater. The faucet in the kitchen was frozen so we couldn’t get running water, but the pit toilet still worked (never stops working). It was all good in the end.

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