Kozu, Train, and Graves

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Kozu, Train, and Graves

This is a shot looking down over my wife’s hometown. In Japanese we say, Jikka (literally the place where her parent’s live). One reason I took this shot is simply to show the place as I see it: a haphazard jumble of buildings in shades of concrete and steal. Actually, the place looks quite colorful from above thanks to the a scattering of orange roots and a green storefront. Most views from the sidewalk give a feeling like the color and life has dissipated like leaves fallen from a tree. It’s an old fishing town, and it really is struggling to find a way to thrive, or just survive.

There is wealth here — in the people, the history, and all that. And there’s money, I’m sure, though it doesn’t pass to the businesses that line (and used to line) the street. It’s a straight shot from here to Tokyo on the Tokaido Line, and some people who like to live by the sea.

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