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Taking pictures on a snowy morning in the city lends itself to austere images in black and white (and upbeat images of bright colors leaping out of the snow). I turned right out of our sidestreet and fifty meters later noticed this long driveway for the first time. The color version lacks a sense of drama, because the wall behind the car is yellow. It’s warm and bright; and it draws your eye past all the converging lines and past the dark shape of the car and holds you in that tiny space. As my wife said, “It’s just a parked car.” But in the black and white version my eyes start at the front, trace a path down the right tire track to the back, arrive at the car (full of potential energy), and follow the left tire track back out again. Then they bounced around, finding other lines (the walls, etc.). We both finally see the car about to launch out.

I notice several photos that I took have the retreating space. I’ll show a couple more of them for the next couple of days, including some in color. 🙂

It was good to go out shooting, and great to have more rest these past couple of days. Maybe I’ll have more to say tomorrow or the next day.

What do you see in this shot?

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