Looking for a Youth Fashion Edge in Harajuku

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Looking for a Youth Fashion Edge in Harajuku

Nominations for the Photobloggies opened today. You can nominate your favorite photo blogs for the next 12 days. After that, the nominations close and voting will start. They have categories for: Japanese Photo Blog, Photojournalism, Street Photography, etc. You can nominate one blog for multiple categories, and you can nominate multiple blogs.

[Click here to submit your nominations.](http://2006.photobloggies.org/)

This year the judging will be carried out by editor’s from a number of photography magazines, so the final selection won’t simply be a popularity contest. That’s good news.

Japanese youth are constantly pushing the boundaries in search of a new style. It’s a competitive world if you want to originate something. I think some guys deliberately parody the “edgy” fashions (e.g., the so-called “Senta-gai” or “Center Guy’s” look like parodies to me…). I don’t know whether this guy is parodying, expressing, experimenting, or what. Welcome to Harajuku.

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