Scene in Chinatown, Yokohama

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Scene in Chinatown, Yokohama

As the weather warms up people are walking outside again — and Chinatown is a great place for it. Walk from Sakuragicho Station to Chinatown for lunch. Pass through to the port and catch the Sea Bass (double entendre: sea bus) over to the Minato Mirai area. Walk through the [Red Brick Warehouse](, and have a cup of coffee, Then head for the ferris wheel (or the roller coaster). If you have any money left, then go out for dinner in Landmark Plaza or Queen’s Square. Just an idea — not something I’ve done all in one day (but bit by bit over the years). If you’re in the Tokyo area for a day, though, there are more authentic ways to sample Japan. This is a break from routine life here, not the place to go find it. 🙂

PS – How many pandas can you count in this picture?

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