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Here’s an image I pulled rediscovered the other day. At the time when I took this, I converted it to black and white and didn’t like the result. But my technique has improved, so I gave it another try and really liked the result. Here you go.

Things may start settling down. Actually, they are picking up, but the detailed work that’s consuming my time is mostly done. Now we’re ready to move forward with some exciting plans. I’ll explain more later when I can be concrete about it.

For those who are interested, I’ve made some changes at []( That is the website where I show (and offer for sale) the photos that I feel are my best work (so far). I mentioned that I’ll be exhibiting some photos. That’s coming up in April. I will be showing twelve photos all month at the Starbucks in Santa Fe, New Mexico. If you live in that part of the world, please have a look. I realize some people may cringe at the thought of an exhibition at Starbucks, but that particular store has it’s own art director, a wonderful exposed brick wall, and nice lighting, too. Santa Fe is a major art town, so I’m excited to have this chance to be seen there. Too bad I can’t go myself. My parents are putting the photos in frames and hanging them for me. They’re pretty great folks!

At click on “Slideshows” and then “Significant Others” to see the twelve images. Prints are for sale in the color gallery. I’ll raise the price before the show and likely keep it up from then on.

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