My kids had their kayak *undoukai* today. Most schools have an *undoukai* (sports day) at this time of year, but they do [other sorts]( of events. Our kids go to a preschool where the kids kayak in warm weather and moutain bike when it’s cold.

The preschool has a related “outdoors school” that goes through the 6th grade. The older kids all participated in the sports day. They had fun and competed with each other (nothing too serious), and they really helped make the day great for the preschoolers. I’m so impressed with the maturity of these kids. I like the fact that our kids are learning how to kayak and mountain bike, but the thing that really gets me more excited is that they will mature in this environment.

In this photo sensei (the teacher) is calling everyone together in the morning. I’ll post another photo or two and write more tomorrow. It’s late and it’s been a very long day. 🙂

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