Shadow (Blog)

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Shadow (Blog)

I’ll be doing some work related traveling for the next week, so I’m preparing images to post each day while I’m gone. “Shadow blogging…” Maybe I’ll have some cool photos when I get back, if I have time to go shooting.

Just an update –

Reia had her preschool graduation this past weekend. All the kids (all 8 of them) performed a short musical based on “The Three Billy Goats Gruff.” They did so well. I have even more respect for the teacher knowing he could those kids to sit, stand, march, sing and more on cue.

After the musical the teacher presented the two graduating preschoolers with framed pictures that he’d drawn. It turns out the, many years ago, he used to sit at a park in Tokyo and sell his drawings (and did pretty well at it).

Three older kids were graduating from the outdoors school — two girls and a boy. They all read speeches talking about their time at Homei (going back to their memories of preschool). They all cried; the boy just a little. Once again I was touched by the depth of relationships that are kids get to be part of.

Well, watch for the next text update at the start of April, and I hope you like the photos.

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