Shoppers and Colorful Stuff

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Shoppers and Colorful Stuff

Like many others, I suppose, my eye bent toward the array of brightly colored products for sale in this store. That reminds me of when neon clothing was “In” way back in the eighties.

Speaking of shopping, the other day I discovered Amazon Japan ([]( I always knew it was there, but I figured the books would more expensive and the English selection would be thin. Maybe some books WERE more expensive when I checked four years ago, but when I ventured back over a few days ago the prices were downright reasonable. I searched for titles in English (no problem). I put a load of books in the cart that you’d (mostly) never find on a shelf in Japan and proceeded to checkout. Some cost more and others cost LESS than at Then I proceeded to checkout. They offered a choice of Japanese or English menus at the first complicated point (helpful). And they accepted my international credit card (also very helpful, but you need to recognize and click on a Kanji character for that option — just look for the “koku”). THEN the total price came up and with free shipping (net savings: a lot). I’ll never shop at (the US store) from Japan again. What was I thinking?!

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