Sunday Family Photo, It’s Me

Written by on February 11, 2007 in My Family, Photo Blog with 0 Comments

Sunday Family Photo, It's Me

This is the first photo by Reia to appear in this blog, and it’s probably not the last. I let her take a few shots with my camera the other day, and she really liked it. This is me, as the title says. I like how she composed the shot, and I liked some of her other shots, too. It’s hard to say whether she’s intentional about it, because the camera (being a bit heavy for her) gently and ever so slightly rocks back and forth in her hands as she prepares to shoot. Someday I predict her photography will surpass mine and keep going. Here’s hoping.

I’d like to give her a cheap, simple camera that she can carry around and use/abuse at will. Any suggestions?

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