Sunday Family Photo – Mari’s Painting

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Sunday Family Photo - Mari's Painting

The teachers at the preschool think kids should create art with as little direction as possible. I like the idea. Mari and Maika paint and draw some VERY bizarre pictures. Reia, who spent two years at another preschool, draws a horizontal line at the bottom (ground) and puts sky at the top. In between (as the teacher says) is like a stage where the picture is placed. But the twins tell stories as they work, and their perspective is somewhere inside the picture (rather than outside looking at a stage).

Oh, and I love this picture. The colors are great, and it truly draws me in. The teacher thinks the twins have potential as artists. Well, like all parents, I’m ready to believe anything (good) that you tell me about my kids. 🙂

Note: The twins also have the tendency to sometimes draw sideways or upside down. I believe this picture is sideways, but this is how Mari drew it. I was a bit worried about that, but a quick check on Google confirmed that it’s normal. Many kids invert drawings even up to the age of six.

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