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Here’s another in the series. There’s no relationship evident in the photo, but (like a couple of others) it’s more about the self that relates with others. What I’ve always liked about this shot is the struggle with fear (perhaps she’s thinking too much) and the parallels in life.

Today I went out with my camera hoping for a nice rainy day picture. When the train pulled up at my station the cutest little girl was looking out at me. No time to grab my camera though. I ended up sitting across from the girl and her mother. An older man next to the girl appeared to be asleep. The light, the man, and the girl made a nice moment, but as a rule I never take photos on the train (it’s considered very rude). But I decided to go for it if the mother would give her permission. I asked, and she said, Okay. So I took out my camera, turned it on, and…nothing. My battery was still in the charger at home!

I usually check the memory card and battery whenever I take the camera out, because of much worse missed opportunities in the past. But today I forgot. For the next hour everywhere I looked I saw photos. The light was good, and people were conspiring to pose in my way. Oh, well. There’ll be more misty days this month.

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