Tokyo Suburb and Shadows

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Tokyo Suburb and Shadows

These houses have recently gone up quite close to where I live (just outside the art college where I took the photos of discarded sculptures). I was riding my bicycle home when I noticed the row of shadows on the concrete wall. I stopped to take some photos of the shadows (you’ll see a couple of those soon), and then I turned back and shot this. I reminds me of 1950’s Americana, but the shadows on the concrete wall alter the story. I think it’s bright and ominous, like a neighborhood in the Matrix. Thoughts?

I found out that Japan Window was featured in a Christian denominational magazine ([link]( I’m surprised, because I rarely talk about my faith here. There are reasons for that, and they mainly come down to this being a photo blog focused on Japanese life and culture. I think people should get to choose whether to read further than that or not. I’m a follower of Jesus living and journeying outside the box of religious systems. Well, getting there. I have [another blog]( for anyone really interested in what that means. I keep saying I’ll update it more frequently, and I will. In fact, I’ve added a link (above) to remind others (and myself) that it’s there. I’ll aim to post updates at least once a week.

On that blog you’ll also find links to other blogs that may be worth checking out if you find yourself nodding your head or asking similar questions.

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