Train Coming Into The Station

Written by on January 9, 2007 in City and Places with 0 Comments

Train Coming Into The Station

I realized belatedly that I completely missed Seijin No Hi. That’s the day each year when twenty year old men and women celebrate their coming of age. Young women (whose families can afford it) wear a kimono, and they usually make their way to some public place to be seen (a shrine, a public ceremony, or a restaurant with their family). The guys simply put on a suit and tie which is basically what they wear for the better part of the rest of their lives. As far as photography goes, it’s more interesting to get the kimono pictures.

But this year I got no pictures. I hung out with my wife and kids, though, and I have no regrets. After awhile kimonos are like temples and shrines; I’d rather take photos of life as it is.

Hmmm, but I haven’t taken many photos recently…

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