Twins and Plum Trees

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Twins and Plum Trees

This past weekend we drove about forty minutes to a nearby camping and hot spring area. I’ll (learn and) post the name of the hot spring facility we visited next time. We really liked it. The price for adults was 600 yen and the kids were free. It’s a pretty new facility, so I don’t think the crowds have found it yet. Afterwards we ate soba. I should have taken a photo of all the people sleeping in the eating area. I shot some video though. I’ve been to other onsen (hot springs) and ofuro (public baths) before, but I’ve never seen so many people crashed out on the floor (with bare feet protruding everywhere). Mmmm. We also stopped at a nearby campground and saw fishermen catching nice, big trout right and left. Apparently, it was a once a year event. Lots of fish were released in the river in that place, and anyone could come and catch them. Too bad I didn’t bring my fishing pole. We may go back soon though. 🙂

I took this photo just outside the hot spring facility.

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